Plane Crash and Airplane Injuries

Plane Crashes

Columbia South Carolina Plane Crash AttorneysOne of the most horrifying things you can see on the news is a plane crash, and while statistically, flying is much safer than driving, plane crashes are usually horrific to behold. Traveling by air reduces travel time and offers the convenience (except when dealing with the TSA!). But when a plane crashes, hundreds of innocent passengers can have their lives taken away in minutes. These tragic deaths can give standing for wrongful death claims. In this extremely horrible event, you need a South Carolina plane crash attorney.

Causes of Plane Crashes

The fact is, that a pilot’s error is the most common reason for plane crashes. Yet, other common causes of airplane crashes can include:

  • Poor design of the aircraft or its parts;
  • Pilot error or negligence;
  • Faulty or defective parts or equipment;
  • Faulty airplane design or construction;
  • Negligence¬†of the air traffic controller;
  • Negligent selection of a third party carrier;
  • Engine failure;
  • Weather; and even
  • Careless passenger screening.

Now What?

We plane crash attorneys will represent the victims of airline accidents caused by the negligence or error of others, and, in the case of death, we will represent the families of loved ones in an aggressive wrongful death suit.

Immediately following a plane crash, the airline will have their attorney(s) to the scene with investigators. You deserve equal representation and to get just compensation for your injuries or a loved one’s death.